Halloween is serious business at Funko. We celebrate the entire week with themed days like Monsters vs. Aliens and Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi, the competition for best costume is ferocious and the candy apple bar has more toppings than Thanos has infinity stones.

This year, the best costume competition had three categories: Best Costume Overall, Best Group Costume and Best Pop Culture Costume. These were the winners:

Best Group Costume

The Procurement Department (Melissa Alton, Kristin Bruington, Jacqualine VanNett, Mariah Knezovich, Jen Matasich, Rose Martinez, Missy Stobb and Justin Parsons) as Orange is the New Black

“We all went to sushi for lunch and were discussing what we wanted to do for Halloween. We determined since our department consists of seven women and one man, that we needed a group costume that would fit with the lopsided ratio. We came up with Orange is the New Black since Justin is one man in a sea of women and tends to wrangle us in.

Best Pop Culture Costume

Amanda Brock, Senior Sculptor as Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

“Majora's Mask has always been my favorite Zelda game and Skull Kid's costume seemed like a fun challenge!”

Best Costume Overall

Philip Branesky, Senior Sculptor as Mumen Rider from One-Punch Man

"He is my favorite character from the anime One-Punch Man. He does not have the strength and powers of the other heroes in the show but he embodies true heroism, never backing down from a fight to save others. I made the armor from sheets of EVA foam and 3D-printed a few other details."

But what about all the other amazing costumes? Here's a smattering of the lounge singers, talk show hosts and Cronenbergs that haunted the conference rooms and cubicles of Funko this All Hallows' Eve:

Katrina Berger, Manager, Site Services as Hamburglar

“Honestly, with the last name Berger I end up with a lot of fun nicknames and Hamburglar was one of them. I like doing fun and nostalgic Halloween costumes and the McDonald's gang seemed super fitting! I've been super excited for this costume for a while now and glad I wasn't alone … Officer BigMac caught me red-handed!”

Elizabeth Brockman, Sculptor as Futaba Sakura from Persona 5

“I love the art style and character designs of the game Persona 5, especially with Futaba. And I resonated a lot with her personality-wise when I was playing. It was a lot of fun working on this costume and seeing it come together.”

Janelle Duncan, Project Manager

“Basically, the title of my costume is Canned—just a playful play on the prop used. I absolutely LOVE horror movies, particularly old school horror from back in the day (The Thing by John Carpenter is one of my absolute faves). So, doing something creepy and gross is always my jam. Plus, I've always had a love of special effects makeup and the ability to change oneself with the proper tools and creativity. It's just simply fun!”

Greg Ham, Senior Designer as Officer Big Mac

“A snippet of my ‘80s childhood was spent being exposed to the characters of McDonaldland in commercials and at the McDonald's restaurant by Paradise Valley Mall in AZ. Oh, how I loved consuming the delicious McDonaldland cookies that had the characters faces on the boxes. Oh, please bring them back McDonald's! I chose this costume as a throwback to my childhood and because I love ad icons. AND much to my surprise I show up to work and who is in the lunchroom eating a McDonald's burger but that pesky Hamburglar!!! We didn't even plan our costumes and thus it was kismet.”

Marian Macapinlac, Quality Assurance Technician as Cronenberg Rick from Rick and Morty

“I chose Cronenberg Rick from the ‘Rick Potion No. 9' episode of Rick and Morty. I wanted to challenge myself to pull off a weird and creative costume and achieve Cronenberg-style body horror without the use of prosthetics.”

Tristen Nelson, Digital Merchandise Manager as esteemed talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael

“Not only was Sally the first woman to host a syndicated talk show on TV, but the story behind her iconic red glasses is not what you'd expect and she still rocks them beautifully.”

Tomas Sedillo as DJ Stranger T

After encountering a ghostly ‘80s-inspired boom box, my clever Wifey created our fave Netflix show to wearable life! Stranger Things is all things ‘80s and takes me back to the innocent times of my childhood from Goonies to Lost Boys. #Keepin'ItStrange

Amity Van Hauser, HR Director as Edna McCracken, Reno lounge singer

“I used to live about an hour from Reno and frequently attended shows in my early twenties. They were cheap and amazing and, Edna was usually someone who had been performing for 80 years, doing the same shtick in a 3 p.m. show since the ‘70s in a dimly lit, smoky lounge. I have much admiration for seasoned professionals who have endured throughout the years and continue to perform. Edna has a special place in my heart.”