Betty Boop™ Rock Candy and Pop!

If you live for classic cartoons and happen to be a fan of the
Jazz Age, a Betty Boop™ Rock Candy figure will have you
singing "Boop-Oop-a-Doop™" for days. In her iconic red dress,
hand on hip, ready to dish our entertainment or sass depending on her mood,
this Rock Candy Betty Boop™ will shimmy her way right into your heart.

Coming in December! And if you're feeling under the weather this Pop! Nurse
Betty Boop™ should help chase the blues away.

Coming in December!

Bring some Jazz Age flapper swagger to your collection
with Sweetheart Betty Boop™. Betty's ready for the most romantic
holiday of them all with a bouquet of roses and red heart
presumably full of delicious chocolate.
Will you be her valentine?