Pop! Keychains

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic and beloved Disneyland Park ride, and the wonder of the Magic Kingdom, with the Haunted Mansion's creepiest residents. Add a touch of the macabre to your keychain with Pop! Keychain Phineas, Ezra and Gus.

Mini Vinyl Figures

Bring home the entire Haunted Mansion gang with shared Hot Topic and BoxLunch exclusive Mini Vinyl Figures including the Singing Bust, the Bride, the Mummy, Madame Leota, Gus, Phineas, and Ezra.

Mini Vinyl Figures available exclusively at Target include the Singing Bust, Opera Singer, the Mummy, Madame Leota, Gus, Ezra, and Phineas.


Give your collection a ghastly, ghostly edge with Pop! Madame Leota, Pop! Opera Singer, Pop! Bride and Pop! Mummy.

Bring home a 10” Pop! Ezra available exclusively at Target.

Glow in the dark Madame Leota available exclusively at Disney Parks.

Chrome Pop! 3pk Hitchhiking Ghosts available exclusively at Target.

Pop! Harp Guy is exclusive to Hot Topic.

Pop! Groundskeeper is a BoxLunch exclusive.

Pop! Tees

Haunted Mansion Tees are exclusive to Target.

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