Pop! TV: Stranger Things Season 3

Brace yourself because things are about to get strange
with the July 4 Netflix release of Stranger Things season 3.
Cuddle up to dreamboat Steve Harrington as a
SuperCute Plush - available at Hot Topic!

Bring home the entire cast including Pop! Jim Hopper
dressed to impress for a date, Pop! Lucas wearing casual
attire, Pop! Max ready to go to the mall, Pop! Dustin wearing
camp clothes, Pop! Will the Wise dressed for a
Dungeons & Dragons session, Pop! Erica looking ready for
action, Pop! Steve wearing an adorable Ahoy hat and carrying
an ice cream cone, Pop! Eleven dressed for the mall and
Pop! Eleven ready for battle.

Pop! Eleven wearing a slicker is available as a Hot Topic exclusive.

Pop! Dustin in a vest is available as a Target exclusive

Pop! and Tee Dustin in a vest is available as a Target exclusive.

Pop! Dustin in a t-shirt is available as a Walmart exclusive.

A glow in the dark Pop! Will the Wise is available as a Target exclusive.

And, available at Target:
A Stranger Things Blanket: (rolled up and opened image):
A Stranger Things Lunch Box (back and front view):
A Camp Know Where Lunch Box (front and back view):
Hawkins Summer 1985 and Camp No Where Mugs:
A Stranger Things Notebook:

2 Pack of Socks:
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