Looking to fill some big shoes, the Clownspy Paka Paka figures are on the case! These seriously silly sleuths want to join your collection. Celebrate International Clown Week starting today, August 1, with some adorably wacky gumshoes. Let's find out what shenanigans they've uncovered in their 3-ring-circus town.

Top 5 Cases, Cracked Up:

  • The mystery of the squirting flower: Is it a timeless beauty or a hilarious prank? After some digging around, the Clownspy detectives determined it's a pretty funny prank.
  • An incessant honking sound that took over the city at midnight hailed from an unusual traffic situation. Fifty clowns had piled into two cars after a show and wanted to toot their own horns.
  • Banana peels were at the bottom of an increase in slip-ups at work.
  • An uptick in pastry-related assaults to the face resulted from a baker's dozen of daring whisk-takers at the Boston Cream Pie Institute. From this case, the motto, “A Clownspy will never dessert you,” took shape.
  • The Great Whirlwind of Confidential Files Incident resulted from propeller hat practice that spun out of control. The Clownspy detectives sliced through the paperwork because they just couldn't remain stationary.

With these wise-crack detectives clowning around, there's no shortage of funny business, and they love to juggle cases. It's in their makeup.

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