Goooooo Bayside! Your favorite characters from Saved by the Bell are ready to show some serious school spirit in Funko Pop! Blitz, and they need your help!

Each week, there are a total of 5 unique Event Pops! that you can collect in Funko Pop! Blitz. The first four can be found in Event Boxes, while the fifth Event Pop! is a free reward that you get for obtaining the first four. Grab an Event Pop! Box and start your digital collection today with the following Funko Pops! from the Saved by the Bell collection:

Lisa Turtle

A.C. Slater


Jessie Spano

Kelly Kapowski

Wait, are we missing someone really important off roll call? That's right - Zack Morris! The Funko Pop! Zack Morris is the special reward you receive for completing the larger February 2021 Collection, which entails getting every Event Exclusive Pop! for the month of February. If you've just started playing Funko Pop! Blitz, or missed out on some of the previous events needed to complete it, hang tight, because you'll have a chance to do so later this week!

During the Saved by the Bell event, which will run from midnight UTC on February 25 to midnight UTC on March 3 2021, Foam Fingers will appear on the board in every Funko Pop! Blitz game. Drop the Foam Fingers to the bottom to show some serious Bayside spirit in the upcoming pep rally!

If you find yourself needing more Foam Fingers to help the gang get hyped, just equip any of the Event Pops! listed above.

Funko Pop! Blitz is available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices. For more information on the game, visit, or follow Funko Pop! Blitz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!