Get ready to soar this week, because it's time for the How To Train Your Dragon event in Funko Pop! Blitz! Toothless needs a new prosthetic tail fin so he can join his friends in the clouds, and it's up to you to help him!

Each week, there are a total of 5 unique Event Pops! that you can unbox and collect. Grab an Event Pop! Box and start your digital collection today with the following How To Train Your Dragon Pops!:




Light Fury


You'll be able to get the first 4 Pops! listed by opening Event Pop! Boxes in game, but Toothless is a Legendary Event Pop! that you'll only be able to get by completing the whole event.

During the How To Train Your Dragon event, which will run from midnight UTC on December 10 to midnight UTC on December 16, Tail Fins will appear on the board in every Funko Pop! Blitz game. Gather up those Tail Fins by dropping them to the bottom of the board, and help Toothless fly again so he can reunite with his family!

If you find yourself needing more Tail Fins to complete all the stages available this week, just equip any of the Event Pops! listed above.

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