There's something about haiku
Throw in pop culture

Gene Belcher 1

Middle child Belcher
Keyboard and a megaphone
Terrorizing Bob

Tina Belcher 1

Her heart pooped its pants
Erotic zombie fiction
Exploding charm bomb

Bob Belcher 1

Bad dad burger puns
Poutine on the Ritz burger
White apron mustache

Linda Belcher 1

Hugo's one that got away
Little King Trashmouth

Louise Belcher 1

Trolling Mr. Frond
Pink bunny ears forever

Gayle 1

Eat lipstick feel red
My cat was right about you
Live shrimp dress at Mass

Calvin Fischoeder 1

Shadiest landlord
Let the Oeder Games commence
Water balloon fight

Gene Belcher 2

Tambourine man, Gene
Talking toilet BFF
Courtney's ex-boyfriend

Tina Belcher 2

Butts butts butts butts butts
Mommy Mummy Halloween
Mad Pooper beware

Bob Belcher 2

The Burgerboss champ
Rock paper scissor warrior
The crawlspace captive

Linda Belcher 2

Sings all day, alright
Synchronized swimming, alright
Dutch baby, alright

Louise Belcher 2

Tricycle terror
Love is a slap in the face
Burn Unit all night

Gayle 2

Guess who's on new meds
Jean Paw'd VanDamme and Pinkeye
They'll say Ah, Topsy

Calvin Fischoeder 2

It's pay-me-oh-clock
Children belong in coal mines
Mechanical shark

Gene Belcher 3

Middle child, don't care
Table-scaping protégé
Musical genius

Tina Belcher 3

Thirteenth birthday kiss
Put the try in triangle
Hair whip and glasses

Bob Belcher 3

Lance the turkey's friend
Don't You Four Cheddar ‘Bout Me
Jimmy Pesto sucks

Linda Belcher 3

Gayle's baby sister
We're havin' mashed potatoes
Porcelain babies

Louise Belcher 3

Daddy's little girl
Stealing chocolate on a train
Slumber party farce

Calvin Fischoeder 3

Golf buggy BIGFSCH
They say Thomas Edison