Funko Funatics and collectors alike, rejoice! The eBay x Funko partnership unlocks access for all to find treasures new, exclusive, and pre-collected.

What does this partnership mean for the Funatic community?

Our partnership with eBay brings a range of benefits to our Funatics community! You’ll be able to score some exclusive drops on the official Funko eBay storefront first, before they become available on This special selection of exclusive items will feature a exclusive sticker on their packaging, similar to our other retailer exclusives. You can also find a range of Funko collectibles, both past and present, on our eBay storefront. These items will also have the “Direct from Funko” messaging on their product tiles and pages so that you’re positive you’re purchasing from us.

We’re also thrilled to share that eBay is our preferred secondary marketplace – the marketplace of choice – to buy and sell vaulted Funko products. We’re working together to ensure product authenticity so you can shop and complete your collection with confidence (scroll down to “How will this partnership support product authenticity?” for more information on this).

Together, Funko and eBay will bring more fun than ever to the Funatics community – stay tuned for online and IRL events, activations, and more news, in the future.

How will I know which collectibles will be available on Funko’s eBay storefront first?

We encourage Funatics and collectors to follow @ebaycollectibles on social media. Product drop announcements will happen across our social channels as well, including: Funko’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

How do I know I’m buying direct from Funko on eBay?

Great question! We have our own official storefront with eBay so you can browse items and shop directly from our page. Product tiles and pages will also display a verified banner stating “Direct from Funko” to indicate that you are in fact purchasing directly from us. This banner verifies our products; other parties and sellers cannot add this themselves or use our logo or banner. We understand that many re-sell our products and collectibles on eBay, so it may seem difficult to sort through all the posted products, but we’ve made sure to add indications at each step that confirm you’re shopping with us through eBay. Click through to see the official Funko eBay storefront and browse hundreds of products already available today!

We always advise that shoppers check the Seller Information column on the righthand side of a product’s page when shopping from eBay. When searching products in the results list, you’ll notice some items have the blue Funko logo just below the title, and to the right of the price. Our logo verifies that the item is from our storefront, and you can click on the logo to be routed back to the Funko eBay storefront page.

Below are visual examples of where the verification banner will appear and how the Funko x eBay storefront will appear.

How will this partnership support product authenticity?

We know that trust and authenticity are incredibly important to the Funatics community. Part of our partnership with eBay includes access to our catalog to support detection and removal of counterfeit products, enabling Funatics to shop and complete their collections with increased confidence. With the addition of verification banners on Funko product pages (stating “Direct from Funko”) you’ll know exactly where your collectibles are coming from, and items sold through third-party sellers cannot use our logo. Alternate sellers’ information will still appear on the right hand “Seller Information” column if you’re on their listings.

Will eBay also sell exclusives at conventions?

You may have seen Funko product and a giant Pop! box photo op at New York Comic Con 2022! eBay may choose to sell Funko products exclusive to our partnership at future conventions, so be sure to stop by their booth!

We loved seeing everyone taking pictures with the giant Pop! box photo op! Below are photos and video of the eBay booth at New York Comic Con 2022 so you can see what it was like.

Additional Questions?

Please feel free to send in additional questions about the Funko x eBay partnership to our social channels @OriginalFunko. We will do our absolute best to answer them and add them to this blog for others to read as well.