We heard that you wanted Pop! Protectors with your Pop! and Bag Bundles and we're happy to oblige. We want to make sure your collectibles and accessories are protected during transit and arriving to you intact. We’re glad that Funko Funatics and Loungefly collectors alike are so invested in the Pop! & Bag Bundles and are vocal about wanting new features included. 

Original Pop! & Bag Bundles 

For those unfamiliar with previous Pop! and Bag bundles, here’s a quick explanation. Each Pop! matched its paired bag design. Some bags included lenticular or glow-in-the-dark among a variety of special features. Many Pop! & Bag bundles were convention exclusives, though all were limited-edition and piece count restricted. Not all bundles listed their limited piece count number though. Each Pop! had a correlating limited-edition sticker or convention exclusive sticker.  

New To Pop! and Bag Bundles  

Premium Pop! Protectors are now included into the Pop! and Bag Bundles to protect these special Pops! from damage during transit and to keep them pristine in your display. The Pop! will be pre-packaged in its Premium Pop! Protector before your order is packed and shipped out.  

Pop! and Bag Bundles are now all limited to a specific piece count. Even convention exclusive bundles will be limited-edition with only a set number made.  

With these added features to bundles, they will now be priced at $125. 

Save the Date 

The transition to the new, inclusive Pop! & Bag Bundle begins April 19th. Any previous Pop! and Bag bundle did not include and will not come with a Premium Pop! Protector. New Pop! & Bag Bundles are on the way, so stay on top of your @OriginalFunko and @Loungefly notifications to see when they’re announced!