Thank you for your patience, everyone! The new experience is live! 

For those who may not have read the announcement “Big Things Coming to” earlier, all are welcome to go back to reference it. Below is the list of what was expected: 

  • Funatics and collectors will now be able to purchase from Funko and Loungefly in one shared shopping cart. 
  • Order histories for Funko and Loungefly will be located in one place under one account. 
  • Account setup will require two-factor authentication in order to improve security, combat bot shoppers, and make high-demand product releases a fairer experience for all. 
  • Pop! Yourself digital avatars are getting a 3D upgrade. 
  • Funko App information, such as wish lists and collections, will be migrated and reflected in your account. 

Bonus Upgrades

There are also a few additional upgrades we were able to work in! More are on the way too, so be on the lookout for more updates and announcements. Additional upgrades include the following: 

  • Sign in and verify your account to be able to purchase exclusives and select products. You may be added to a queue during checkout to help with on-site volume for a smoother experience.  

Free shipping within the contiguous United States is available on orders that are $65 or more regardless of products ordered. See the new policy here

Self-service returns are now possible for orders placed on March 7th, 2023 and later. 

  • The time window for processing returns is now extended to 30 days after delivery. 

Two-Factor Account Verification

Account verification helps secure your account and further protect any personal data you choose to save to your account to speed up the checkout process. 

For web account users, account verification will require the following steps: 

  • You will be asked to check your email for a password reset link. 
  • When you click the link in the email, you'll be pushed to a password reset page on 
  • On that password reset page, you’ll also be asked to input your US mobile phone number for verification. 
  • When you submit your phone number for verification, you will receive an SMS verification code. 
  • After you enter your SMS code, your account will be verified and ready to use. 

For mobile users logging into their account on the Funko app, account verification (or choosing to opt out of account verification) requires the following steps: 

  • If you had a Funko account in the past, on first log in, you will be asked to check your email for a password reset link. 
  • When you click the link in the email, you'll be pushed to a password reset page on 
  • The mobile phone number field will exist on this page, but it will be optional. The phone number field will only be optional if the request was initiated from the mobile app. 
  • If you enter a US phone number, you will need to finish the verification process detailed above. 
  • If you leave the field blank, your password will be reset, then you can go back to the mobile app and log in. 
  • Note that if you do NOT complete verification, the next time you log in on, you will be forced to verify your account. 
  • Unverified accounts can continue to use the mobile app without restriction. 

Updated Shipping Costs

Loungefly free shipping order minimum used to be $100. Now orders on Funko or Loungefly items of at least $65 get automatic free shipping. With verified accounts being the only ones that can purchase select exclusives and special products, shoppers have better odds of getting the items they want. Orders below $65 shipping within the contiguous United States will have flat rate shipping of $6.95. Outside of the contiguous United States, flat rate shipping will be $14.95. These flat rate fees are now unified across the board.  

Self-Service Returns

The return policy has been updated to reflect that items can have returns processed within a 30-day window after they’ve been delivered. The new site also allows for self-service returns, making it easier for customers to get the ball rolling on a return faster. Orders placed on or after March 7th, 2023 are able to process returns through the self-service function. Orders placed before March 7th that require return assistance will still have to be routed through Customer Care at this time. Read the full return policy here

Stay tuned for even more updates and improvements!