Among the murmurs of mealtime conversations, order bell rings, and to-go bags crinkling as they’re passed over the counter, the smiling visage of Bob’s Big Boy beams at visiting customers. This very smiling face has graced the Burbank Bob’s Big Boy since his debut in 1937 and is the very mascot that still holds a special place in Mike Becker’s heart and in Funko’s history. Bob’s Big Boy was the first licensed character to become a Funko collectible and helped open the door to many more opportunities. Throughout the years, Funko has shown its love and support of Bob’s Big Boy through a variety of products and collectibles. As Mike put it, “Make sure to dance with the one that brought you, you know?”

To continue to show appreciation and support, we hosted a two-day celebration at the Burbank Bob’s Big Boy restaurant to launch Project Fred. This was the perfect setting to reveal Project Fred’s first edition featuring Freddy Funko as Bob’s Big Boy. 

Thank you to everyone who joined in person and followed along online! It was heartwarming to meet up with fellow fans of Bob’s Big Boy and hear what makes the restaurant and mascot so special to them as well. 

Project Fred Launch at Bob's Big Boy

Thank you, Adam McArthur, Bob Gurr, Kate Flannery, and Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy) for joining us to make this gathering special. We appreciate that each shared cherished memories about the restaurant franchise and came together with fans to celebrate the unveiling of the monumental Project Fred Bob’s Big Boy statue coinciding with the launch of Project Fred. 

Funatic Spotlight

We had a ton of fun chatting with everyone while enjoying burgers and milkshakes. Good food is always better with good company. 

The Bob's Big Boy Surprise

Funko’s history is forever tied to Bob’s Big Boy and the giant Project Fred statue unveiled at the event commemorates that connection. Thank you to the Bob’s Big Boy franchise for believing in Funko from the start and to all the Big Boy and Funko fans that continually show up to support us in a variety of ways. Thank you for following along online and in person! Read more about the Project Fred launch on our blog “Hot Off The Grill – New Drop Platform Powers Project Fred’s Launch”. You can jump to the Project Fred launch by clicking the button below.