Order coming up! Get ready for Project Fred 01! This special collectible takes us back to our very first licensed collectible, the Bob’s Big Boy Wacky Wobbler bobblehead. We even hosted an event at the Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Burbank to announce the new arrival. For those wondering why we chose to start with Bob’s Big Boy, allow us to express our love, our passion for our first licensee.

Funko’s Love for Bob’s Big Boy

For those new to Funko, Bob’s Big Boy was the first license that Funko secured. In 1998, we made the officially licensed Bob’s Big Boy Wacky Wobbler bobblehead and it opened the door to acquiring more pop culture licenses to make the products that have themselves become an integral part of pop culture. You never forget your first big break, or the people who believed in you and helped you grow and develop. We’re forever grateful for the Bob’s Big Boy license and what it allowed us to become.

Our documentary “Making Fun – The Story of Funko” is available for all to watch for free on YouTube. The documentary details the start of Funko, acquiring the license for Bob’s Big Boy, and how the company and products developed into what they are today.

A Closer Look at Project Fred 01

These 11-inch-tall collectibles are designer, platform collectibles which will retain their Freddy Funko shape across their various versions. The Project Fred 01 of Bob’s Big Boy makes an excellent addition to a variety of collections since Bob’s Big Boy has made waves in pop culture since the mascot’s debut in 1937. Fans of the Beatles flock to the Burbank Bob’s Big Boy to request to sit in the same booth that the band sat at during their 1964 summer tour pit stop. Fans of Stan Lee comics will treasure this Bob’s Big Boy to accompany any of The Adventures of Big Boy comics published between 1956 and 1961. To learn more about the pop culture impact and history of Bob’s Big Boy click through to read the Big Boy story from the source!

How Will Project Fred 01 Launch Work?

Project Fred 01 is Funko’s first launch powered by EQL. This launch is open to entries from March 7th at 9:30 AM PST and closes at 11:59 PM PST on March 10th. Those hoping to collect the first edition of Project Fred submit a single entry into the launch and winners will be randomly selected after the launch closes. For those who haven’t entered a launch powered by EQL before, you’ll be prompted to make and verify your free account in order to enter. Creating an account takes mere minutes and fills out the necessary information to enter the launch at the same time. A two for one process! If you notice an error in your entry or no longer wish to participate you can retract your entry before the launch closes. 

This new-to-Funko style of launch offers added security, identifies and removes any activities trying to manipulate the launch, and ensures fair chances for fans to win and collect these collectibles. To learn more about these new launches check out our blog “Funko’s New Product Launch Format Powered by EQL”. Click the button below to go to the Project Fred 01 Launch page and enter!

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