A new era of collection tracking has begun! The Funko App has been around for years but now with new integrations in partnership with eBay, the app has improved functions and verified data to offer collectors increased accuracy and tracking for their collections. If you’re not familiar with the Funko App and its features, please click through to learn more about the Funko App.

The main updates to the app involve increased data accuracy in collection valuation, and the ability to sell collectibles on eBay via the Funko App.

Updates to Collection Valuation 

The update enables you to price your Funko collection with increased accuracy, by seamlessly connecting the Funko catalog with recent, verified sales data from the eBay marketplace. The app is refreshed daily with the average price of verified transactions on eBay.com for each Funko item over the previous 90 days. This average sale price of each item on record is updated on the item’s Funko App page to display as its trending market value from eBay.com. Items that don’t have recent sales data will retain their previously listed value until new verified transactions occur and there’s data to refresh the item page. Collectibles that have only been announced and not yet released to the market will not list a value until they’re available for purchase.

Users will notice that some collectibles will update to show new trending values that are lower or higher than before, with some items even increasing in value by $500+. This adjustment is grounded in verified transaction data for more accurate market valuationsUsers are also able to add the final sale price of collectibles they sell from their Funko App through the “Sell It on eBay” function.

All items that are available on the market, not ones up for Notify Me, will have a value now, including customizable items like Pop! Yourself​. Chase and specialty variants will show appropriate values as well​! Value data is updated frequently, reducing any pricing gaps between the app and what's seen on eBay.com. International users can go to their app Account Settings and turn on currency conversion to their preferred currency of choice.

Supporting Trust and Authenticity

We know that trust and authenticity are incredibly important to the Funatics community. Part of our partnership with eBay includes access to our catalog to support detection and removal of counterfeit products, enabling Funatics to shop and complete their collections with increased confidence.

Selling Through the Funko App 

Selling your collectibles is now easier with the new “Sell It on eBay” integration to the Funko App. If you’re ready to switch things up and part ways with some of your collectibles, the app will now assist you in creating listings and you can choose to record how much you made for your profile. For a walkthrough of this new function, you’re welcome to jump to our article detailing exactly how to list items through the app.  

Have More Questions? 

We have updated the Funko App FAQs section and encourage those with questions to click through to see if your questions are covered. If you still have questions still unanswered, please reach out to our Support Center.