Don’t freak out! Okay, maybe freak out just a little bit. Select Funko product launches are going to be powered by EQL, the fairest product launch platform!  

You may ask, “but why?” In our never-ending efforts to make product launches fairer for fans and protect against bots, scripts, and bad eggs, we’re powering select launches with EQL. This will not only improve detection and removal of bot and script activities/orders, but it allows us to ensure fans are getting a fair chance at collecting highly anticipated treasures. 

What is EQL?

EQL describes themselves as “the world’s fairest launch platform, helping culturally-leading brands get the most in-demand products into the hands of more fans.” Essentially, they are helping increase Funko’s product launch security, website traffic support (aka prevent website crashes), and give the fans a fair chance at winning product launches to add that coveted item to their shelves. EQL helps other big-name brands, around the world, launch products in a fan-focused, safe, and easy way. You can click through to read more about EQL and their Run Fair® launch functions. Let’s jump into the specifics of what a launch powered by EQL means for fans. 

No Need to Stress or Rush for A Launch

Launches with EQL are much calmer since your odds of winning are no different if you enter in the first minute or the last minute. You have the full length of the entry window to submit your entry or, if you change your mind, retract your entry. Once the time frame for entries has closed, winners are selected, and all participants will be emailed about the status of their entry.  

When entering a launch, you’ll be prompted to make an EQL account, unless of course you’ve entered launch events with other companies that use EQL. Making an account is a breeze, taking approximately 3 minutes or less, and allows you to securely save your info for a faster entry next time. If you notice a typo or error on your info, you can withdraw your entry and send a new one with your correct information.  

Better Odds for True Collectors

Every entrant is verified with their account. It’s impossible to enter without an account, and when you enter a launch, you are prompted to verify that you want to enter that specific launch. Those that try to create multiple accounts, enter multiple times, use bots or scripts, or otherwise manipulate their odds of winning a launch are detected by EQL’s system, penalized, and removed from current and future launches. Any activity whether bot or script use, multiple entries, etcetera will lead to the disqualification of your entry. 

Didn’t win the launch this time? Your odds of winning the next launch you enter are increased. Yes, your chances of winning increase! If you don’t win a launch your account keeps record, and the next launch you enter with Funko will have improved odds of winning. This helps us share the love and make sure more fans can win collectibles they’re excited about.  

Tips for Entering A Launch Powered by EQL

  • Never use bots or a script. 
  • Only use one account, and submit one (1) entry.
  • When making or editing your account make sure you’re shipping to your home or business address. PO Boxes are not eligible.  
  • Use a credit card that you’re positive has enough funds and no questionable previous activity on it.  
  • Virtual cards are not prohibited but can negatively affect your account’s score, especially if issues arise with the account. 

Will All Launches be Powered by EQL?

Only select items will be launched this way. You’ll notice other items get added to the website periodically without a big launch. This is because only collectibles with limited piece counts or special exclusivity will need the additional security and support to launch to ensure they get to true collectors. There will still be regular inventory restocks and new items added to the website often.  

Click through to see that our first drop powered by EQL is Project Fred 01. Learn more about Project Fred in our post "Hot Off the Grill New Drop Platform Powers Project Fred Launch".