Walgreens is full of Star Wars exclusives for the month of October.
Featuring exclusives for classic Star Wars films and
upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Look for both Star Wars Pop!s Medical Droid and Cody with
Mini Emperor on Walgreens.com.

Pop! Star Wars: Medical Droid (Walgreens.com)

Pop! Star Wars: Cody with Mini Emperor (Walgreens.com)

At Walgreens stores find these great exclusives!

Pop! Deluxe: Star Wars – Wedge Antilles with Snowspeeder

Pop! 2-Pack Star Wars: Classic Darth Vader & Luke

An iconic Star Wars movie moment
is now recreated as a 2-pack Pop!

Look for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Exclusives!

Pop! Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Praetorian Guard 2

Pop! Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Praetorian Guard 3

Mystery Minis: Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Walgreens

Exclusive Characters!
Only at Walgreens find Praetorian Guard,
C'ai Threnalli, and holographic Snoke!

Galactic Plushies: Star Wars- 12" Chewbacca

Asst: Galactic Plushies: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Exclusives Supreme Leader Snoke,
and Praetorian Guard.