For the fashionista on your shopping list, BoxLunch has a line of adorable Loungefly products. Empower the geeks in your life to wear their favorite fandoms with pride with backpacks and wallets that will turn heads and inspire gasps of delight. If any of these gorgeous exclusive BoxLunch items happen to jingle your bells, you can add them to your sleigh here.

It’s been 26 years since Aladdin took the world on a magic carpet ride and somehow the magic is stronger than ever. Journey to a whole new world with a Rajah-inspired starry night mini backpack and wallet. The mini backpack costs $59.90 and the wallet costs $39.90.

The Rescue Rangers are back and cuter than ever! Their latest case? The cutest mini backpack and wallet in the world have gone missing and Chip and Dale are the only detectives in the world that can find them. Celebrate these intrepid chipmunks with a backpack and wallet so adorable that everyone who sees them will immediately start singing, “Ch-ch-ch-Chip ‘n Dale, Rescue Rangers!” The mini backpack costs $59.90 and the wallet costs $39.90.

Tim Burton’s beloved tribute to the holidays—with an emphasis on Halloween and Christmas—has been delighting viewers for 25 years. Celebrate the tale of the Pumpkin King and the residents of Halloween Town with accessories all but guaranteed to make passersby die with delight. You know Zero as the most loyal canine companion any skeleton could ask for, but he also makes for a frightfully adorable mini backpack. The Nightmare Before Christmas handbag is essentially a gothic Rorshach test. If you see spiders and skeletons and ghouls, you’re due for a viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas. And if you don’t see spiders and skeletons and ghouls, you’re definitely due for a viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas. The mini backpack costs $59.90 and the handbag costs $69.90.

For the gamer in your life who plays to win and likes to look good while doing it, Loungefly’s Overwatch mini backpack inspired by the tank hero D.Va makes the perfect holiday gift. Fight the omnic threat with this fiercely pink mini backpack with the bunny that appears on D.Va’s tank. The mini backpack costs $59.90.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Hundred Acre Wood, a backpack that doubles as a map might just be the most charming accessory of them all. Carry your favorite silly old bear Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger and Owl wherever you go. The backpack costs $59.90.

Till your next list of holiday shopping ideas, stay merry and stay on Santa’s good list.